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Custom Cloth Pool Table Covers

Since 1999 our mission is to offer billiard enthusiasts a luxurious cloth pool table cover. Our elegant covers encourage you to protect your pool table without compromising your billiard room décor. Our exclusive cover will certainly enhance your billiard room environment and will extend the life of your pool table felt as well as maintain the condition of your rails!

Custom Cloth Pool Table Covers

What some of our customers say about our custom pool table covers

 “I just wanted to say that I received the pool table cover yesterday and could not be more pleased with it!   Seriously, I had been looking around for a while for a high-quality fabric cover — and this one is perfect in every way.”

C. Couture, Madison, Connecticut

“The look of luxury that my Putapôn offers was the finishing touch for my billiard room that I’ve been looking for!”

M. Collins, Chicago, Illinois


“Because it’s so easy to put on and take off, I find myself using it every time I play. Now I know my table is protected the way it should be…all of the time!”

K. Mellon, Portland, Oregon

“Finally, I don’t have to hide my pool table cover in the corner before my friends come over to shoot! Now I leave it on until they are all here. I’m proud to have it on my table.”

G. Edwards, Miami, Florida